Just when i was thinking how in the world was i to see another countury, lern foreign culture, meet people and learn how diffrent people do things, the answer came to me with Erasmus programme introduction.
              I’m Tuğrahan BABA, a student of english language teaching department of Mehmet Akif ERSOY University in Turkey. As a student working with foreign linguistics, going abroad was important to me. The way i see it, Erasmus was a golden oppurtunity for me to see new places, meet new people, learn about foreign culture and languages and pick new professors’ brains about teaching techniques and ideas. As soon as i had my family’s  support, i decided to sign up.
              To be honest there were a lot of counturies on the list but, what influenced my desicion was what my professor told me about his erasmus experience in Poland. He strongly recommended me to choose Poland over the others. That is why i took a closer look at the universities in Poland and asked my coordinator about each and every one. She recommended Piła PWSZ university because we had good relationships with them and there were a lot of recorded mobility between our universities. That is how i decided to go to and ended up in Piła.
              So far i really like it here except the weather and food. People are nice and open minded. The day I arrived to poland, i met a stranger by the name of Sacha on a train from Bydgoszcz to Piła. Him and his friend helped me to find the university and the dormitory. I was very surprised how hospitable and kind Polish people were, helping a stranger the way they did. My lecturers and coordinators turned out to be really cool people. I am very impressed by how much knowledge they posess and how well they adjust to every situation.
              I still have several months to spend here in Piła and all i can say about it is that i am looking forward to enjoying every hour and day, learning and enjoying foreign culture and lifestyles with Erasmus.