Professor Bolesław Ochodek passed away

It is with great sorrow that we received the news, on Saturday 9th of June,
that Stanisław Staszic University of Applied Sciences in Piła
esteemed and dear prof. nwz. dr inż. Bolesław Ochodek has passed away.
Professor Ochodek was
the Vice Rector for Quality of Education and Student Affairs since 2017,
the Vice Rector for Organization and Development within 2002 – 2013,
the co-creator of Stanislaw Staszic University of Applied Sciences in Piła.
The untimely passing of Professor Bolesław Ochodek
– a great academic teacher devoted to scientific development and didactics,
cherished by both students and co-workers alike, is a great loss for our whole academic society.
These days we all look back at our memories of the Professor.
It was an honor for us to be able to carry out joint ventures with him,
and we are certain that from his inspirational achievements
future generations of students will benefit and follow his example.
Professor Bolesław Ochodek will remain in our memory as a kind and modest person,
whose greatness we have witnessed in the work he created.
To the Family and all who were close to dear Professor,
we would like to convey our deepest expressions of compassion.